needed help in interpreting results

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Wed Aug 27 15:09:48 UTC 2008

On Wed, Aug 27, 2008, Piotr Kadziolka wrote:
> The test was taken on low-end machine. Compared with nowdays hdd I had 
> very, very small disk, so test couldn't be long. It took nearly 500 
> minutes. It's to short time to let cron jobs to affect results. Besides 
> there wasn't defined any jobs in cron and Squid logging was disabled. If 
> it was related to Squid filling up what caused that peaks? I don't know 
> details on how COSS works but at first moment I thought that it could be 
> caused by writting data from stripe in memory into disk. But default size 
> of stripe is 1 MB, so peaks would take place more, more frequently. I 
> still have no idea what was the casue of peaks in trace. Where I can find 
> documentation about COSS module?


Its not all that well documented; especially the changes which occured during
the early Squid-2.6 lifetime by Steven and I to make it somewhat more useful.


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