Trouble getting DNS to work

Alex Rousskov rousskov at
Mon Dec 1 18:54:28 UTC 2008

On Sat, 2008-11-29 at 02:19 -0500, Chas. Owens wrote:
> I have two machines (client) and (server).
> Eventually there will be a squid proxy between them, but I wanted to
> get a working setup first.  Both are Ubuntu 8.10 and have Web
> Polygraph 3.1.5. also has Bind 9 installed.  I was able to
> get working between the two machines, so I started modifying
> it to add the DNS functionality I will need.  I have run into a brick
> wall.  I can query the DNS server and get answers back, but when I run
> the test it spits back
> 000.00| error: 1/1 (s111) Connection refused
> 000.00| error: raw write after connect failed
> 000.00| connection between and failed at 0
> reads, 0 writes, and 1 xacts

I do not think it is a DNS server problem because Polygraph does not
complain about name resolution errors. It complains about the connection
to server being refused. My guess is that your robot tries to connect to
port zero. Please try to change your address map to use explicit ports:
        AddrMap foo = {
            zone      = "";
            addresses = [ '' ];
            names     = [ '' ];
It is silly that you have to do it, but I suspect the port is lost
during mapping if you do not. Standard workloads use ipsToNames() PGL
function that preserves ports, masking the problem.

If my guess is correct, please report a bug, referring to this email

Thank you,


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