Web Polygraph 4.0 for Ubuntu Question

Sean swhockey98 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 20 20:44:49 UTC 2010

I recently installed Web Polygraph 4.0 for Ubuntu 10.04. I tried running the "Simple" package to test basic functionality and followed the instructions under User Manual. Web Polygraph was installed under /usr/bin and I am inputting the following once I change directories to /usr/bin:
$ polygraph-server \
>    --config /usr/bin/polygraph/workloads/simple.pg \
>   --verb_lvl 10
I am receiving an error saying the path isn't found. I've also tried typing the config as /usr/local/polygraph/workloads/simple.pg but I am still getting the same "not found" error. Do you have any suggestions or troubleshooting steps I should take?

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