too many open files - a lack of available filedescriptors?

Hohl, Gerrit g.hohl at
Thu Dec 8 15:29:05 UTC 2011

Hello everyone,

it is again me. :-P
Now everything is working with 2 clients with totally 1250 robots. I
have 2 servers, each with 375 aliases (750 servers).
The server side is working perfectly, but on the two client machines I
get the message that too many files are open. I assumed that I have to
less file descripters available for them. But I looked it up:

root at polygraph-client1:/root/polygraph# more /proc/sys/fs/file-nr
416     0       98945
root at polygraph-client1:/root/polygraph# lsof | wc -l

98945 - 837 = 98108 still available. Don't get it why that number is
sufficient for 625 robots on each machine?

Maybe I should have a look on the number while executing the test

Okay, I tested it. At this point I get the message the first time:

root at polygraph-client1:~# more /proc/sys/fs/file-nr ; lsof | wc -l
1504    0       98945

1995 of 98945 file descriptors used. Do I look at the wrong values? :-?


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