Problems using robots with authentication

Hohl, Gerrit g.hohl at
Thu Dec 15 16:07:48 UTC 2011

Hello everyone,

I have the same problem that ufa faced at the end of October:
I use NTLM authentication and get the message assertion failed: 'false'

from the polygraph-client program. After the first time I received that
message I included the following line in my PGL file:

Robot robot = {
        pconn_use_lmt = const(2147483647);

But I still get the same message. I read something in Dmitry response
about OpenSSL. The OpenSSL package ('openssl') is installed on that
Ubuntu machine I'm currently using. But I'm not sure if polygraph was
compiled with or without SSL. Is there a way to test it? Or what do I
have to do to make sure that polygraph compiles with SSL support?


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