Kerberos patch for Polygraph

Markus Moeller huaraz at
Sun Jan 16 17:19:31 UTC 2011

Hi Polygraph list,

   Here is a patch to run polygraph against a proxy server or web server 
which requires authentication with Negotiate/Kerberos.

   The patch replace with the kerberos_auth = true; option in the Robot 
section of the configuration the Negotiate/NTLM handling with 

   To compile Polygraph with Kerberos a MIT or Heimdal Kerberos library and 
header files must be installed.  Kerberos must be configured as documented 
in many existing reference guides.

   Accounts have to be configured on the Kerberos kdc (or Active Directory 
if Windows 2003/2008 is used) and

  credentials = [ "<Username>@<Kerberos-Domain>:<Password>" ];

   will authenticate the user against the kdc.

   It is important that hostnames are used for the proxy (or web server if 
the polygraph client is run against a web server) e.g. 
 polygraph-client --proxy proxy.suse.home:3128 --config --verb_lvl 10

   Any questions or comments can be directed at huaraz at


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