How to measure hit ratio

Erico Augusto Cavalcanti Guedes eacg at
Wed Jul 13 20:52:40 UTC 2011


is there a way to measure the hit ratio of a cache experiment using
polygraph tools, resources...
I'm loading a cache cluster of 4 nodes, and find a way to process squid
access.log files together to establish  isn't a trivial task.

Lab is composed of 6 machines: One to execute polygraph-server, another to
polygraph-client and 4 on cache cluster. If there is a way to gather hit
ratio on polygraph-client machine, I'll spend less time and, who knows,
watch Brazilian soccer team tonight! It's missing 4 hours to match start!
I'm looking for the solution in Google, Search PG docs and with you...

Best regards,

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