How to randomize proxy selection

Erico Augusto Cavalcanti Guedes eacg at
Mon May 2 08:55:53 UTC 2011


I'm implementing a mesh proxy cluster and trying to randomize proxy IP
address of cluster nodes, for peformance evaluation purposes.

I'm executing PG Server as:
sudo polygraph-server --config -verb_lvl 10

and PG client as:
polygraph-client --proxy --config --verb_lvl 10

by I wish to do the following:
polygraph-client --proxy 192.168.15.*251-254*:3128 --config 10

however traditional PG address range sintax doesn't
work for --proxy.

The goal is fill the memory of cluster nodes in a balanced way.
Is there any additional alternative sintax that can I try?

I hope I'm clear enough.

Thanks in advance,

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