Domain List

unjc email at
Thu Apr 19 21:31:30 UTC 2012

Hello there,

I have a long list of (~30000) domains which I want Webpolygraph
clients to use them in the request URLs.  Because the proxy server I
am testing would apply different policies upon different domains, I
can't really use dynamic domains.

I have tried using addressMap in workload as like below:

AddrMap M = {
     names = [ '','','','','','','',''........];
     addresses = [ '' ];

Robot R = {
    kind = "R101";
    pop_model = { pop_distr = popUnif(); };
    recurrence = 50%;
    req_rate = undef();
    origins = M.names;

I believe the address list is too long, Webpolygraph throws the
" cannot cast string to addr" exception after trying to
start the test for more than 10 minutes.

Please advise if there is another way to input my custom domain-list
for Webpolygraph to generate URLs.


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