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shahab bakhtiyari shahabb at ifi.uio.no
Fri Apr 20 13:06:34 UTC 2012

Hi Dmitry
Thank you very much to your previous reply. I have a couple of
configuration questions that I am sure very easy for you to answer!

1.  what "working set size" and "cache size" should I use for a 1GB disk
cache testing?,  Ram is 4GB but not all cache is used by the proxy(it
varies from 10% to 30% of Ram usage by proxy). I read in the website  that
"cache size" should be whole proxy box cache plus disk cache(4+1 = 5)
. But would it correct considering that proxy does not use the whole cache?

if it is the case and I have to chose 5Gb as cache size, then I would need
to choose much larger working set size( maybe 1G rather than 100MB that I
am currently using), right?

2. Could you please have a look  here
http://client.servebeer.com:8081/varnishYkGcache/  , seeing config files
and error part, and tell me, which part in config part I have to modofy?

Thank you very much in advance

On 26 March 2012 12:22, shahab bakhtiyari <shahabb at ifi.uio.no> wrote:

> Hi guys
> I have 2 questions, really appreciate if somebody helps me,
> 1. how can I get the raw data from polygraph,  I mean  the data that
> "polygraph-reporter"  gives to the gnuplot to plot it(I dont really like
> gnuplot!!!)
> 2. I currently have my set up in a private network with private IP
> addresses(and ofcource have access to internet as well),  I am thinking
> whether it is possible or not, to add some more clients (since I only have
> 2 physical clients with a limited number of robots) from Amazon instances?
> Best regards
> Shahab
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