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Wed Dec 5 05:13:37 UTC 2012

Hi Jacky.

unjc email < at> writes:

> Dmitry, thanks again for your quick reply.  I tried polygraph-lx <log>
> and polygraph-ltrace, and found some of the useful information from
> there.  However, I am still in doubt about I could extract the
> throughputs and response-times of HTTP and HTTPS traffic throughout
> the ramp test.  Would you please give me some hints of how I could
> record/extract them during the test?

You can extract interval stats using polygraph-ltrace, e.g.:

  $ ltrace --objects basic.rptm.count,basic.rptm.mean,ssl.rep.rptm.mean LOG

As I said before, there are no explicit pure HTTP stats.  You will have
to calculate it from other stats.

>   I also find the amount of data
> extracted (like ssl.rep.rptm) is much less than the console log; is
> there an option to change the recording interval so that equivalent
> data being logged in binary logs too?

Stats are recorded into the binary logs at the same interval as they are
printed on the console.  The stats recording interval is controlled by
--stats_cycle option and is 5sec by default.

Polygraph-ltrace aggregates interval stats with 60sec window by default.
You can change the window length using --win_len option.

  $ ltrace --objects time,basic.rptm.mean,ssl.rep.rptm.mean --win_len 1sec LOG

This should give you output similar to the console.  You may specify
--time_unit 1sec option for relative time.  Also, you may want to output
interval object for some additional info.


> Thanks,
> Jacky
> On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 2:23 AM, Dmitry Kurochkin
> <dmitry.kurochkin at> wrote:
>> Hi Jacky.
>> unjc email < at> writes:
>>> Hi there,
>>> Is there any way to show individual statistics for http and https
>>> traffic in console log?
>> No.  Console output is not configurable.
>>>   The default log show https (ssl) stats and
>>> combined stats only.  I need to capture stats of regular HTTP traffic
>>> for performance comparison as well.  Please help.
>> You should use binary logs for that.  We record plain HTTP stats.  But
>> you can calculate it from other stats.  Keep in mind that CONNECT
>> requests contribute to SSL stats.  So formula for plain HTTP stats in
>> polygraph-lx output would be something like (basic - (ssl.rep -
>> connect)).  It may be more complex depending on you workload.
>> Regards,
>>   Dmitry
>>> Thanks,
>>> Jacky
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