Sending multiple requests in single SSL connection

unjc email at
Tue Dec 18 23:10:28 UTC 2012

Hello there,

I need some help in configuring SSL session.  The following is what I
have configured for the robot.  I want to configure the client
workload to send three or four requests per SSL connection.  With the
current setting, I found each HTTPS request has its own SSL connection
and it is closed upon receiving the requested object.  Please advise
the correct setting to configure robots to make multiple requests in a
single SSL connection.

As you see I have set two domain lists for the clients, one set is for
HTTP requests and the other set for HTTPS requests.  They are all
unique domains.  Would there be a problem for robots to reuse SSL
connections for requesting different objects fromthe same site/domain?

Robot R = {
	kind = "R101";
	pop_model = {
		pop_distr = popUnif();
	recurrence = 50%;
	req_rate = undef();
	origins = [M1.names, M2.names: 10%];
	credentials = select(totalMemberSpace, totalRobots);
	SslWrap wrap1 = {
		ssl_config_file = "/tmp/ssl.conf";
		protocols = ["any"];
		ciphers = ["ALL:HIGH": 100%];
		rsa_key_sizes = [1024bit];
		session_resumption = 40%;
		session_cache = 100;
	ssl_wraps = [wrap1];
	addresses = robotAddrs(authAddrScheme, theBench);
	pconn_use_lmt = const(2147483647);
	idle_pconn_tout = idleConnectionTimeout;
	open_conn_lmt = maxConnPerRobot;
	http_versions = ["1.0"];

AddrMap M2 = {
	names = ['','',''...

AddrMap M2 = {
	names = ['','',''...

Thank you very much,

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