Problems with benchmarking a proxy running under Windows 2008 R2

Hohl, Gerrit g.hohl at
Wed Jan 11 14:43:38 UTC 2012

Hello everyone,


I have a really odd problem bemachmarking a proxy which is running under
Windows 2008 R2.


The web-polygraph clients and server as well as the DNS is running on
some Ubuntu 10.04.3 Server 64-bit machines. Each machine is a VM on our
ESXi server.

The proxy is installed on a Windows 2008 R2 system which is running a
separated hardware. If we run the benchmark in that constelation we get
a rate of about 60 hits/s. Not really satisfying.


After that I installed our proxy on a SuSE Linux Enterprise 10 system -
also running as a VM on the ESXi. The benchmark results of that
constelation were quiet well and only limited by the ESXi hardware (the
processors of the ESXi were at 100%).


We decided to create also a VM with Windows 2008 R2 and installed again
our proxy there (maybe the problem is between the ESXi and the separated
hardware), but got the same odd results of 60 hits/s. As our test needs
a lot of entries in the routing table and as we were not sure how well
2008 can handle a large number of entries, we setup a Ubuntu machine as
router/gateway contaning all the routing entries. Basically it worked,
but the numbers didn't change even a little bit. So I also turned off
the 2008 network auto-tuning. Also no difference to the runs before -
still 60 hits/s.


I'm wondering if anyone of you had a similar experience.

Or maybe someone of you knows that Windows 2008 R2 bottleneck and  how
to eliminate it?




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