Compile errors for 4.5.0 on CentOS 5

Mohammed Rakhada (morakhad) morakhad at
Thu Jan 12 17:40:06 UTC 2012

Hi Dmitry,

It seems that I must have had something left over from a previous
compile failure. I rm'd everything and then untar the source again and
now it compiles. So thanks again for your help.

For others having a similar problem this patch should help them.

--- polygraph-4.5.0/src/base/BStream.h.orig	2012-01-12
17:19:55.000000000 +0000
+++ polygraph-4.5.0/src/base/BStream.h	2012-01-12 17:13:55.000000000
@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@
 #include "xstd/h/netinet.h"    /* for ntoh and hton */
 // perhaps operators for these should be moved into a separate file?
+#include "xstd/Endian.h"
 #include "xstd/Time.h"
 #include "xstd/Size.h"
 #include "xstd/NetDouble.h"


Mohammed Rakhada

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Hi Mohammed.

This is a known issue with v4.5.0.  You have correctly identified the
problem - xstd/Endian.h include is missing in base/BStream.h.

The second error seems to be the same as the first one except for the
paths.  At the very least, the line numbers should have changed because
of the added include line.  Can you please double check that you are
building the correct sources which have xstd/Endian.h include added to


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