Keep traffic distribution throughout ramp phase

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Fri Aug 16 15:34:09 UTC 2013

Hello there,

Could someone please advise if there is a way to keep the traffic
distribution throughout the ramp phase?   Because the response time of each
traffic are quite different, I setup one kind of robot for each traffic
(GET, GET with query string, POST), instead of using robot of mixed types
of requests.

I started with populus_factor first; I found the webpolygraph client
process did not start the robots with respect to the address distribution
specified.  For example, I found no GET requests in the first 5 to 10
minutes of the test, it seems to run the POST robots first.

Next I tried load_factor and found GET requests dominate the whole channel
in the first 10 minutes while there is no QUERY or POST requests.

[ GET.addresses: 60%, QUERY.addresses: 30%, POST.addresses: 10%] =
robotAddrs(authAddrScheme, theBench);

Phase RampPhase = {
    name = "Ramping";
    goal.duration = 60min;
    populus_factor_beg = smallFactor;
    //populus_factor_beg = 0;
    //populus_factor_end = 1.0;
    load_factor_beg = 0;
    load_factor_end = 1.0;

Please help.

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