a issue when running the "Simple tests" with a proxy

xu tony thealex.xu1986 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 08:02:21 UTC 2014

    I've been using the "Simple tests" introdued by polygraph's User manual
 to test my squid server. During testing, I found my squid can't pull the
resource from orign(that is polygraph-server) successfully.

    The environment used in tests is as follows:
1、Two testing maches: one used for squid server with ip addr
and another used for polygraph-server and polygraph-client with ip addr my squid listens on the 8101 port.
2、The config file used by polygraph is as following:
Content SimpleContent = {
        size = exp(13KB); // response sizes distributed exponentially
        cachable = 80%;   // 20% of content is uncachable
Server S = {
        kind = "S101";
        contents = [ SimpleContent ];
        direct_access = contents;

        addresses = ['']; // where to create these server
// a primitive robot
Robot R = {
        kind = "R101";
        pop_model = { pop_distr = popUnif(); };
        recurrence = 55% / SimpleContent.cachable; // adjusted to get 55%

        req_rate = 1/sec;
        origins = S.addresses;      // where the origin servers are
        addresses = ['' ** 10]; // where these robot agents
will be created
// commit to using these servers and robots
use(S, R);
3、The command i used for starting polygraph-server and polygraph-client is ,
/usr/local/polygraph/bin/polygraph-client --config ./my_simple.pg--verb_lvl 10
/usr/local/polygraph/bin/polygraph-client --config
../workdir/my_simple.pg--verb_lvl 10 --proxy

    During test, i found squid have got requests from ploygraph-client,but
using a wrong url to pull resource (that is polygraph-server).Part of my
squid access log is showed as below:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - [10/Mar/2014:15:58:49 +0800] "GET
http://w1cbc2601.7f1c694f:8/t03/_00000003 HTTP/1.1" 503 1513 "-" "-"
TCP_MISS DIRECT 0 - - - [10/Mar/2014:15:58:50 +0800] "GET
http://w1cbc2601.7f1c694f:8/t03/_00000004 HTTP/1.1" 503 1513 "-" "-"

    I snapped http-request packets from polygraph-client, and found
request-line of http-request is not what squid expected,which caused the
squid can't pull resource from polyserver.The request-line in http-request
sent by polyclient is like that :
The right request-line which the squid expected ,i think, shoud be like:
 "GET / HTTP/1.0"

   So, i want to know which part is wrong in my test, if i have made some
mistakes in test, or polyclient sent http-request with wrong request-line,
or my squid had some problems ,or anything else? How can i fix it? Any
idea?please advice, and many thanks in advanced!!!
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