How to create separated address spaces when running multiple client processes

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Mon May 5 16:57:37 UTC 2014

Hello there,

I run into a cpu-bound issue in the webpolygraph client machine. I want to
run multiple client processes in the client machine.  I want to know how to
configure the robots so that each process has its own address spaces?

For example,

Client1 Robots: to
Client2 Robots: to

* Bench B = { peak_req_rate = 300/sec; client_side = { max_agent_load =
1/sec; // estimated load produced by one Robot addr_space = [
'lo::10.0.1-5.1-250' ]; hosts = [ '' ]; // three client-side
hosts or partitions }; server_side = { ... }; };*

Do I have to prepare separated workloads (.pg files) for each client
process in the same box?

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