Polygraph compilation error with gcc 4.8.2

Philip Boulain philip.boulain at smoothwall.net
Tue Nov 4 10:56:17 UTC 2014


>You're completely right. Old polygraph versions can not be built by
>modern gcc. IIRC, gcc of version 4.5 is definitely able to build
>polygraph-4.3.2 (and gcc 4.6 probably). This is a known issue. To work
>the one around, you can:
>b) wait until polygraph site will be updated and new polygraph version
>become available for download;

The download page, http://www.web-polygraph.org/downloads/ , says "these
[private] releases are made public after a few months of private use". The
last public version (4.3.2) is dated 2011, but there have been several new
private versions in the years since. Do you have an updated policy on when
a new public release will be made?

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