Need help in setting up mixed traffic

Alex Rousskov rousskov at
Tue Aug 8 02:13:31 UTC 2017

On 08/07/2017 05:57 PM, Nagaraja Gundurao wrote:

> 1. The file has two robots defined, R1 for const(5KB)
> and R2 for CDB traffic(realistic content simulation)
> 2. On the server,, I have defined two servers to server
> traffic for const(5KB) and cdb traffic.

If at all possible, please use a single file that describes all aspects
of the test. In other words, do _not_ use different workload files for
different "sides" of the test. Polygraph does not really care (yet) as
long as all files are consistent, but it is very easy for humans to make
configuration mistakes (or misunderstand configurations) when dealing
with multiple configuration files that are all meant to describe a
single test.

For the record, there are very rare cases where side-specific workload
files are required. AFAICT, nothing in your email indicates that you are
dealing with one of such cases. However, even in those cases,
side-specific workload files should be auto-generated from a single PGL
file that humans edit or differ only in some primitive #includes.

> Problem:  When I initiate the traffic, I see traffic for only one.  For
> eg.  if the entry in the has use(S1,S2) where S1
> Is for const(5KB) and S2 is for cdb, then I see only traffic for 5KB  
> In the use, entry, if I switch the entries to show,
> use(S2,S1) now I see only cdb traffic and not const(5KB).  At anytime
>           I did not see both the traffic coming through the proxy. 

I think I understand the problem you are describing but since neither
your file nor your file contain S1 and S2 servers,
it is very difficult for me to guess what exactly is going on. Besides,
reading two probably conflicting files confuses me a lot!

My recommendation is to merge the two files together, thinking about the
test as a whole. Chances are, once you polish your workload that way,
this particular problem will disappear. If it does not, please repost
the merged file showing both servers.

BTW, if you want to model two content types (cdb and basic) being served
by one server, then you do not need to define two PGL Servers.

> I am listing some of the errors here

The errors did not reach the mailing list. For the future, please attach
workload files and error logs rather than copy-pasting them.

Thank you,


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