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Nagaraja Gundurao Nagaraja_Gundurao at
Tue May 9 16:19:23 UTC 2017

Hi WPG team,
  As we are using WPG tool as our traffic generator, we have come across a lot of hurdles in getting WPG to work for our requirement, here I am listing out some questions, it would be great if you answer and even better if we have solution to all the questions.

* Is there a way to have only some number of the configured robots be active at any point in time? And, have this active set change over time, so we can cycle through all configured robots?
* Is there a way to stitch together WPG log files from a number of different WPG clients?
* In our lab setup, we tested configuring .pg file and found out the max. robots that could run from a single .pg file to be 3000 robots per vm.  Do you agree?.  Is it dependent on PC/vm or WPG limitation?.
* Can the reports be generated if we have only Server side logs and WPG client is not run(client will be another tool).

Here are some error messages we saw and need some explanation on when it occurs and what are it’s effect on overall performance/report. soft assertion failed: theZStream->write(buf, size)

000.72| error: 4/4 (c14) premature end of msg body

000.83| error: 1/6 (c15) premature end of msg header

1482456915.764782# size: 0/-1 xact: 21fb326e.07e125e9:00000580 start: 1482456915.463216
[no data to dump] (s11) Resource temporarily unavailable

013.34| error: 3/225 (s104) Connection reset by peer
013.34| error: raw write on SSL connection failed on connection with at 3 reads, 159 writes, and 1 transactions soft assertion failed: defaultPort >= 0

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