Bench SMP mode

William Law at
Thu Aug 16 00:28:34 UTC 2018

Hi Alex and everyone else,

> > Done. A compressed patch for Polygraph v4 is attached.
> Thanks for that.  I've recompiled, will re-run tests and let you know how
> it
> goes.

First test run completed with 20 cores specified in the bench config.

With a 1500-byte MTU on Intel X710's:
1.5 million packets/s
9.6 Gbit/s
Most of the 20 cores on each side were running at 100% on Xeon E5-4620 v4's.
HTTPS TLSv1 2048bit keysize as the workload.

I'd say this is a winner :)

Some little things to tweak now to improve per worker load, IP address
coverage, etc.

Thanks for your assistance!


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