Polymix-4 to test Squid

Srivattsan s lamisri at gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 17:44:34 UTC 2018


I am relatively new to web-polygraph. I have a squid setup which I want to
test with polymix-4. The web-polygraph setup for polymix-4 runs perfectly
without the proxy (squid). I ran Simple.pg with proxy to see if my proxy
setup is reachable and I was able to see responses for the simple.pg. I am
not sure where I am going wrong with polymix-4. Any help would be great.

My setup: I have 2 local VMs (running UBUNTU) in the same subnet running
web-polygraph and Squid. The web-polygraph VM has three virtual network
interfaces one for client, one for server, and one on which the DNS is
running. I understand that this is not the best setup, I am just trying to
understand the working before moving on to a better setup viz. different
machines for client, server and DNS. I am currently targeting 50
requests/sec so just have a single client and single server host. I used
the pmix3-ips.pl to identify the IP ranges for my setup.

I am running the following command to start client with proxy:

sudo polygraph-client --config mypolymix-4.pg --verb_lvl 10 --proxy

The client starts well and goes into the i-framp phase while the server is
waiting for the client to reach in the i-wait phase.

When I observe the Squid logs, I see no activity, even though the client is
running in the i-framp phase. I am attaching screenshots of the messages
that I see in client and server.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you need any
details to solve this.

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