how to compute measured bwidth

Piotr Kadziolka PKadziolka at
Sun Sep 7 12:52:00 UTC 2008


I've obtained below results from report generator. I attached load trace 
also. My question is how to compute measured bandwidth because when I plot 
rep.rate multiplied by rep.size.mean I can't obtain trace similar to this 
at pict. 

According to results offered load in volume is higher than measured but 
when I plot req.rate multiplied by rep.size.mean (which theoretically 
shuld be offered load) together with measured load (rep.rate x 
rep.size.mean) I got the same trace. Please, tell me how to compute 
measured load in volume context.

Load            Count           Volume
                (xact/sec)      (Mbits/sec)
offered         150.34          10.53
measured        150.33          3.35

Thanks, Peter
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