ERROR: " (s22) Invalid argument"

Oskar Svadkovskey OskarS at
Wed Sep 17 19:57:04 UTC 2008

I've just installed polygraph on FreeBSD using instructions in

Preliminary tets tests seem to be running fine. I have no idea if I should ignore this error and, if not, how I can diagnose the problem.


PolySrv# ./ pg-workloads/
/usr/local/polygraph/bin/polysrv: warning: no run phases were specified; generating and using default phase (s22) Invalid argument
000.01| Command: /usr/local/polygraph/bin/polysrv --cfg_dirs pg-workloads/include --verb_lvl 10 --config pg-workloads/
000.01| Configuration:
        version:            2.8.1
        host_type:          i386-unknown-freebsd6.3
        verb_lvl:           10
        dump:               err,
        dump_size:          1.000KB
        notify:             <none>
        doorman_listen_at:  <none>
        doorman_send_to:    <none>
        label:              [none]
        fd_limit:           10749
        config:             pg-workloads/
        cfg_dirs:           pg-workloads/include
        console:            -
        log:                [none]
        log_buf_size:       -1Bytes
        store_working_set:  [none]
        load_working_set:   [none]
        sample_log:         [none]
        stats_cycle:        5.00sec
        file_scan:          poll
        priority_sched:     5
        delete_old_addrs:   yes
        idle_tout:          5.00min
        local_rng_seed:     1
        global_rng_seed:    1
        unique_world:       on
        ign_urls:           off
000.01| Server content distributions:
        Server S101:
                content   planned%    likely%     error% mean_sz_bytes
        some-content                   100.00     100.00       0.00   13326.41
        expected average server-side cachability: 80.00%
        expected average server-side object size: 13326.41Bytes

000.01| Phases:
     phase  pop_beg  pop_end load_beg load_end  rec_beg  rec_end smsg_beg smsg_end     goal      flags
dflt              1.00     1.00     1.00     1.00     1.00     1.00     1.00     1.00 <none>

000.01| StatsSamples:
        static stats samples:   0
        dynamic stats samples:  0

000.01| FDs: 11095 out of 11095 FDs can be used; safeguard limit: 10749
000.01| resource usage:
        CPU Usage: 22msec sys + 701msec user = 723msec
        Maximum Resident Size: 14.488MB
        Page faults with physical i/o: 0

000.01| group-id: 12701342.646e43a7:00000004 pid: 17319
000.01| current time: 1221680528.725671 or Wed, 17 Sep 2008 19:42:08 GMT
000.01| fyi: PGL configuration stored (370bytes)
000.01| fyi: no bench selected with use(); will not attempt to create agent addresses
000.01| created 1 agents total
000.01| Server S101 [1 / 12701342.646e43a7:00000006] at HTTP/1.1
000.01| fyi: current state (1) stored
000.01| starting 1 HTTP agents...
000.09| i-dflt      0   0.00     -1  -1.00   0    1
^Cgot shutdown signal (2)
000.11| noticed shutdown signal (2)
000.11| resource usage:
        CPU Usage: 22msec sys + 704msec user = 726msec
        Maximum Resident Size: 14.488MB
        Page faults with physical i/o: 0

000.11| fyi: current state (2) stored
000.11| server is closing listen socket 3 after 0 xactions
000.11| got 0 xactions and 0 errors
000.11| shutdown reason: got shutdown signal



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