A couple of questions about report

Chengyu Fan chengy.fan at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 22:17:10 UTC 2011

Hi~ all,
Sorry I have some naive questions again.
I modify the simple download test in my experiment. And I generate the
report using polygraph-reporter.
I am a little confused about some parts in the report. At the end of this
test, the polygraph client cannot connect to the server side, and exits.
The generated report is attached. The questions are as follows:

1. The load trace graph shows the offered rate and measured rate, but it
only based on the client-side. So the client cannot distinguish the
measured rate comes from the proxy or the polygraph server, right? Is there
a graph we can directly check how many rate comes from proxy and how many
comes from the server?

2. In hit ratios part, I find the measured number in the first table is
more than 79% (I set the recurrence is 80%). But in the client side hit
ratios, the measured number is 0. Why is that?

3. Also, I find the server side has lots of errors like "foreign host name"
and "missing target info in the request", does that mean the proxy does not
work well? Or this is the polygraph deliberately to do so?

4. I am also do not know what's the meaning of fill. Could you please
explain it?


Chengyu Fan
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