polygraph-pgl2acl doesn't recognize credentials

Alex Rousskov rousskov at measurement-factory.com
Wed Nov 30 16:25:23 UTC 2011

On 11/30/2011 07:36 AM, Hohl, Gerrit wrote:

> my project manager introduced web-polygraph to me. We want to test our
> own proxy with it.

Hello Gerrit,

    Welcome to the list.

> I'm trying to include authentication into the test. I added the
> following line in the robot:
> credentials = credentials(count(addresses), "authmix");
> and started polygraph-pgl2acl. But it only shows that it couldn't find
> any authentication rules:
> polygraph-pgl2acl: parsing...
> polygraph-pgl2acl: collecting rules...
> polygraph-pgl2acl: pruning 0 rules ...
> polygraph-pgl2acl: sorting 0 rules ...
> polygraph-pgl2acl: symplifying...
> polygraph-pgl2acl: printing 0 rules ...
> Normally there should be around 125 IP adresses for the robots. So
> shouldn't there be also 125 credentials? Why doesn't it find anything? I
> don't know what I did wrong. Maybe one of you can help me finding my
> mistake.

The pgl2acl tool produces Access Control Lists (ACLs) from Robot.acl
fields and is not directly related to Robot IP addresses or Robot
credentials. I suspect your PGL Robots had no acl rules so the tool
produced nothing. You probably do not need those rules if all you are
interested in is authentication.

What you probably want is the polygraph-pgl2ldif tool. See
and search for "human-friendly" to find a non-LDIF example that may be
useful for generating rules to configure your proxy.



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