polygraph-pgl2acl doesn't recognize credentials

Hohl, Gerrit g.hohl at aurenz.de
Wed Nov 30 14:36:02 UTC 2011

Hello everyone,

my project manager introduced web-polygraph to me. We want to test our
own proxy with it.

I'm playing with the test suite since last week. I set up a Ubuntu
10.04.3 server 64-bit in a virtual machine, downloaded the latest
web-polygraph stable version 4.3.2 and compiled it. Currently I'm using
a modified polymix-4 test case. Instead of using a few hardware machines
I modified the test case in that way that it runs on one machine by
using a lot of aliases on the loopback adapter - for the servers as well
as for the clients. In the documentation there are also used aliases,
but they are distributed on the hardware machines.
I've successfully tested the polymix-4 with server and clients without
any proxy. I also set up an squid proxy on the same machine and
performed a test including it. This also ran without any problems.

But now I'm trying to include authentication into the test. I added the
following line in the robot:

credentials = credentials(count(addresses), "authmix");

and started polygraph-pgl2acl. But it only shows that it couldn't find
any authentication rules:

polygraph-pgl2acl: parsing...
polygraph-pgl2acl: collecting rules...
polygraph-pgl2acl: pruning 0 rules ...
polygraph-pgl2acl: sorting 0 rules ...
polygraph-pgl2acl: symplifying...
polygraph-pgl2acl: printing 0 rules ...

Normally there should be around 125 IP adresses for the robots. So
shouldn't there be also 125 credentials? Why doesn't it find anything? I
don't know what I did wrong. Maybe one of you can help me finding my


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