Could polygraph give us the hit ratio of inverse proxy !

Dmitry Kurochkin dmitry.kurochkin at
Fri Nov 25 02:42:53 UTC 2011


Polygraph should be able to calculate hit ratio for reverse proxies.

Some things that may be worth checking:

* Verify that Polygraph generates cachable contents.  There should be
  non-zero offered hit ratio.  You can check this in polygraph-lx(1)
  output or HTML report generated by polygraph-reporter(1).

* Verify nginx configuration.  Does it say that there were cache hits in
  logs?  You may want to check that caching works by making few requests
  with curl(1).

* Another easy way to check if there were any hits is to compare the
  number of replies on Polygraph server and client side.  You can do
  this by running polygraph-lx(1) tool on client and server logs:

    $ polygraph-lx --objects rep.rptm.count log-file

  If the numbers from server and client logs are about equal, that would
  means there were no hits.


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