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Hi Sarah.

On Fri, 30 Sep 2011 14:08:05 -0400, Sarah Milani <sarah.milani at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Everbody
> *i plan to use polymix-3.pg to run a performance test of my squid proxy.
> **I am using the same machine to run  client and server, (*initially)* in
> the same proxy **network .

PolyMix are complex workloads with many Robots and Servers.  Usually, a
single machine is not enough to run high load tests because Polygraph
reaches CPU or network limits.

Consider using the latest version of PolyMix workloads - PolyMix-4.

> Before *run polymix, i already read this :
> http://www.measurement-factory.com/docs/PolyMix-3/ , however i still have
> some questions :

You should also read PolyMix-3 documentation at [1].

Also, please keep in mind that PolyMix documentation was written for an
old Polygraph version.  Many new features were added to Polygraph since
then.  In particular Polygraph client and server now create required
aliases on start (though, client and server address creation may
conflict if both are run on the same system, use the aka tool to create
them manually in this case).

To set PolyMix-3 parameters, you should copy polymix-3.pg from Polygraph
installation (e.g. Debian package has it in
/usr/share/polygraph/workloads/) or tarball somewhere and edit it.

> 1 - Where i set objects sizes (html, figures and download) ?

Everything is configured in the workload.  Polimix-3.pg includes other
workloads which have all the details.

Object sizes are defined in contents.pg.  But you should not edit it
directly.  Instead copy polymix-3.pg somewhere and put all changes
there.  You can set PGL fields like:

  // include all the boring details
  #include "polymix-3-guts.pg"

  // customize some fields
  cntImage.size = exp(10KB);

> 2 - What variables must be defined? And which files? (cause i set up only
> polymis-3.pg)

PolyMix workloads have few parameters that you need to set.  Most have
appropriate default values.  All undefined parameters are in
polymix-3.pg and have comments.

> 3 - Is there any additional procedures that must be executed before the
> polygraph?

You need to configure routes on the proxy so it can reach Polygraph
Robots and Servers.  If you run without a proxy, routing needs to be
configured on client and server systems.

You may also need to adjust system configuration (e.g. network buffers
size, open file limit).


[1] http://www.web-polygraph.org/docs/workloads/polymix-4/

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