Realistic content simulation

unjc email at
Thu Apr 12 17:27:05 UTC 2012

Hi there,

I have followed the Realistic content simulation manual to try to
create realistic image contents.  Here are what I have done:

1.  Created cdb file
I have created cdb file that contains jpg image files only.
> polygraph-4.3.1/src/csm/cdb --add wp.cdb media/*.jpg

Question: Can I add different file types (.jpg, .gif, .png) and kinds
(.flv, .html, .swf) into the cdb file?

2.  add a PGL ContentType for images from that database

Content ImageContent = {
    kind = "image";
    mime = { type = "image/jpeg"; extensions = [ ".jpg" ]; };
    //obj_life_cycle = olcImage;
    //size = const(13KB);
    cachable = 0%;
    checksum = 1%;
    content_db  = "workloads/wp.cdb"; // import content templateS

Server S = {
    kind = "S101";
    contents = [ ImageContent ];
    direct_access = contents;

I download an image from one of the URLs and try to view it on a
browser; but the image is shown broken.

Please advise if I have missed any step in creating the realistic
image contents.


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