Authentication problem

Shahab Bakhtiyari shahabb at
Sat Apr 14 00:32:35 UTC 2012


 I am doing some tests with polygraph, when I want to involve some 
 authentication, I get "segmentation fault" error. I use a simple pgl 
 file wich works well otherwise.

 I added these parts:

 string[] endEast = credentials(10000, "east-end");
 string[] endWest = credentials(15000, "west-end");

 Robot R = {

           credentials = select(
               [ endEast, endWest ],1000); // just 1000 actual 


 but when "use()"ing endEast and endWest


 I will get the above error when try to run the process.

 here is the log:

 Apr 14 01:55:35 server kernel: [23711.540866] polygraph-serve[19851]: 
 segfault at 4b ip 000000000000004b sp 00007fffe27b6d08 error 14 in 

 what I need to do else or what I am doing wrong?

 thank u in advance
 Shahab B.

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