AW: Scaling the number of users instead of the hit rate

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Wed Feb 15 09:09:12 UTC 2012

Good morning everyone,

maybe I should change my question a little bit: In the following article I found a formular for calculating the expected numbers of robots:

"[...] 6.2 Number of clients and servers

Given the total request rate RR req/sec, we allocate (R = RR/0.4 = 2.5*RR) robot IP addresses (0.4 is request rate for an individual robot). The number of server IP addresses is then 0.1*R+500. Robot and server IPs are distributed evenly and sequentially across Polygraph machines (see example).

We place a limit of 1000 robots per client machine. The number of server machines is equal to the number of client machines.

When the calculations produce non-integer value V, we round towards the closest integer greater than V. [...]"

Does that also apply if I use  the PolyMix4As class?

Bench theBench = {
        peak_req_rate = 500/sec;

        client_side = {
                max_host_load = 20000/sec;
                max_agent_load = 6/min;
                addr_space = ... ;
                hosts = ... ;

        server_side = {
                max_host_load = client_side.max_host_load;
                max_agent_load = undef();
                addr_space = ... ;
                hosts = ... ;

PolyMix4As asPolyMix4 = {
        agents_per_addr = 2;

Will this configuration result in 5000 robots, 2 robots on each of 2500 IP addresses?

robots = peak_req_rate / max_agent_load = 500/sec / 6/min = 30,000/min / 6/min = 30,000 / 6 = 5000


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Betreff: Scaling the number of users instead of the hit rate

Hello everyone,

after a longer pause I'm now at our stress testing again. One thing is that I have to include NTLM authentification. Dimtry already wrote a message her and will try it now.

But my problem now is that I should be able to scale the number of users
(robots) instead of the hit rate. Our product is more sensitive to this than the hit rate as our focus is on authentification. We don't do any caching or things like that. So is there a possibility to scale users?
Or maybe I should ask the question in a different way: Is there a way I can calculate the number of expected robots from other values like Bench.client_side.peak_req_rate, Bench.client_side.max_host_load or Bench.client_side.max_agent_load?

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