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Dmitry Kurochkin dmitry.kurochkin at measurement-factory.com
Mon Mar 26 16:42:00 UTC 2012

Hi Shahab.

shahab bakhtiyari <shahabb at ifi.uio.no> writes:
> Hi guys
> I have 2 questions, really appreciate if somebody helps me,
> 1. how can I get the raw data from polygraph,  I mean  the data that
> "polygraph-reporter"  gives to the gnuplot to plot it(I dont really like
> gnuplot!!!)

There are several tools in Web Polygraph to extract data from binary

* polygraph-lx - extracts aggregated phase stats.  It prints a lot of
  data.  You may extract stats for certain phases and objects, see
  manual page or --help.

* polygraph-ltrace - extracts trace stats.  This is the data which is
  used for plots in the reporter.  You need to specify a list of objects
  to extract the stats for, e.g.:

    $ polygraph-ltrace --objects rep.size log

  Unfortunately, the list of objects is not documented.  Not every
  object output by polygraph-lx are traceable

* polygraph-lr - extract console output.

> 2. I currently have my set up in a private network with private IP
> addresses(and ofcource have access to internet as well),  I am thinking
> whether it is possible or not, to add some more clients (since I only have
> 2 physical clients with a limited number of robots) from Amazon instances?

I am not sure I understood you question.  It is possible to use any
system for Polygraph tests, as long as you can configure the network
connectivity.  I do not know if using an Amazon instance would work for
you.  The problem might be to get the desired load.  That depends on
your Internet connection and may be out of control.  Running the test
entirely in the Amazon (or other) cloud may yield better results.


> Best regards
> Shahab
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