Separated stats for http and https traffic

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Fri Nov 30 15:29:35 UTC 2012

Dmitry, thanks again for your quick reply.  I tried polygraph-lx <log>
and polygraph-ltrace, and found some of the useful information from
there.  However, I am still in doubt about I could extract the
throughputs and response-times of HTTP and HTTPS traffic throughout
the ramp test.  Would you please give me some hints of how I could
record/extract them during the test?   I also find the amount of data
extracted (like ssl.rep.rptm) is much less than the console log; is
there an option to change the recording interval so that equivalent
data being logged in binary logs too?


On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 2:23 AM, Dmitry Kurochkin
<dmitry.kurochkin at> wrote:
> Hi Jacky.
> unjc email < at> writes:
>> Hi there,
>> Is there any way to show individual statistics for http and https
>> traffic in console log?
> No.  Console output is not configurable.
>>   The default log show https (ssl) stats and
>> combined stats only.  I need to capture stats of regular HTTP traffic
>> for performance comparison as well.  Please help.
> You should use binary logs for that.  We record plain HTTP stats.  But
> you can calculate it from other stats.  Keep in mind that CONNECT
> requests contribute to SSL stats.  So formula for plain HTTP stats in
> polygraph-lx output would be something like (basic - (ssl.rep -
> connect)).  It may be more complex depending on you workload.
> Regards,
>   Dmitry
>> Thanks,
>> Jacky
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