Regading suport in lodable module

Vijay Gangwar vijay.gangwar at
Thu Nov 12 05:38:39 UTC 2015

I am woring on small poc for using   web-polygraph tool for performance
I am have written my module and trying to integrate with polygraph tool.
I am tring to compile my module as a loadable module as explained in below
page adn still not compiling . it giving header file related error for "
*h/Time.h*" file

Please  clarify few of my doubts:
1. I am placing my file in src folder and trying to compile still its
2. using "c++ -shared -export-dynamic -Wl, -o  -I. -I.. -I../.." to compile my file "".
3. Please let me know ,if you have any other detailed  manual for loadable

Hoping for positive support.

Thanks and Regards
Vijay Gangwar
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