Regading suport in lodable module

Alex Rousskov rousskov at
Thu Nov 12 18:17:41 UTC 2015

On 11/11/2015 10:38 PM, Vijay Gangwar wrote:

> I am woring on small poc for using   web-polygraph tool for performance
> benchmarking.
> I am have written my module and trying to integrate with polygraph tool.
> I am tring to compile my module as a loadable module as explained in
> below page adn still not compiling . it giving header file related error
> for "*h/Time.h*" file

It is difficult to say without seeing the actual error, but it sounds
like your error is unrelated to loadable modules. There is something
wrong with your #include statements and/or with your -I options.


> Please  clarify few of my doubts:
> 1. I am placing my file in src folder and trying to compile still its
> failing.

Copy-pasting compiler error message(s) may be a good start to get that
problem resolved. Please note that if you cannot compile your module
without special linking options, then your problem is most likely
unrelated to the loadable modules API (or Polygraph). It is most likely
just a basic C++ development bug.

> 2. using "c++ -shared -export-dynamic -Wl, -o  -I. -I.. -I../..
>" to compile my file "".

That command does not match the command in the Reference Manual. That
mismatch does not mean that your command is wrong, but please explain
why you removed the arguments after "-Wl,".

> 3. Please let me know ,if you have any other detailed  manual for
> loadable modules.

The published instructions appear to be quite detailed to me, although I
do not know of anybody using loadable modules with Polygraph for a few
years. I am not aware of any other instructions.

If it is not a secret, what will your module do?

Thank you,


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