Kerberos Proxy Authentication

Michael Hendrie michael.hendrie at
Wed Aug 31 05:16:34 UTC 2016

Hi There,

I have been using NTLM and BASIC proxy authentication in workloads for some time with great success.  I see Kerberos proxy authentication support was added in 4.8.0 but am having difficulty finding any doc or config examples for using.
>  - Negotiate/Kerberos proxy authentication support, configurable via
>     PGL KerberosWrap. Both UDP and TCP transports are supported for
>     communication with KDC. MIT Kerberos v1.9 or newer is required. No
>     Heimdal support.
The PGL Types doc at doesn't mention KerberosWrap and neither does the Authentication doc at

If anyone can point me towards some doc...and hopefully and hopefully a working config example of how to configure the KerberosWrap and credential definition in a workload that would be much appreciated.



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