How to randomize active robots

Alex Rousskov rousskov at
Wed Mar 9 18:50:01 UTC 2016

On 03/08/2016 12:24 AM, perf tester wrote:

> I would like randomize the active robots. For example, Out of 100
> robots configured in the test, i can limit 5 robots to be active. But
> the same robots are used for the entire test duration. I would like
> the tool to pickup the next 5 robots from the remaining 95 robots 
> configured until all the robots are used 5 at a time.

You would like Polygraph to "pickup the next 5 robots" _when_?

If your requirements are flexible, and you do not need Polygraph to
maintain exactly N active robots at any given time, then you may be able
to achieve something similar using Robot sessions:

I have not tested it, but I suspect that by selecting the right
combination of average idle and busy period durations while randomizing
idle_period_duration, you may achieve a steady state where 5
random/different robots out of 95 robots are active at most times.

If you need more precise control and convenience, then Polygraph changes
would be required. For example, one could add PGL knobs that would
replace one active robot with another while maintaining a configured
robot population level. Polygraph already has code to maintaining a
configured robot population level, but it currently does not add or
remove robots unless that level changes. This would be a generally
useful feature IMO.



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