How to randomize active robots

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Hi Alex,

Thanks for the reply. The second part of your reply has detailed
explanation for my question and possible solution. And it is very useful

For now, I will play with idle and busy period durations and see if
can achieve my requirements.


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> On 03/08/2016 12:24 AM, perf tester wrote:
> > I would like randomize the active robots. For example, Out of 100
> > robots configured in the test, i can limit 5 robots to be active. But
> > the same robots are used for the entire test duration. I would like
> > the tool to pickup the next 5 robots from the remaining 95 robots
> > configured until all the robots are used 5 at a time.
> You would like Polygraph to "pickup the next 5 robots" _when_?
> If your requirements are flexible, and you do not need Polygraph to
> maintain exactly N active robots at any given time, then you may be able
> to achieve something similar using Robot sessions:
> I have not tested it, but I suspect that by selecting the right
> combination of average idle and busy period durations while randomizing
> idle_period_duration, you may achieve a steady state where 5
> random/different robots out of 95 robots are active at most times.
> If you need more precise control and convenience, then Polygraph changes
> would be required. For example, one could add PGL knobs that would
> replace one active robot with another while maintaining a configured
> robot population level. Polygraph already has code to maintaining a
> configured robot population level, but it currently does not add or
> remove robots unless that level changes. This would be a generally
> useful feature IMO.
> HTH,
> Alex.
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