WPG - Active connections + persistent idle connections

Sanjeevi Rangan sanjeevirangan at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 18:45:14 UTC 2016


I am trying to simulate persistent idle connections (that won't contribute
to the actual traffic) along with the workload that contributes to the
traffic. For an instance, if the actual test has 100 concurrent connections
that has content size of 64KB, I would like to have few sockets (say 50) in
established state without sending any requests. The requests would go via
proxy. Is it possible to keep the socket connections
(client->proxy->server) alive with out sending any requests (or just keep
alives that doesn't send much of data) in WPG?

The best that I could achieve was sending 'HEAD' request with rate of
1/1min for a specified number of connections. But this would close the
existing socket connections and open new sockets. I would like to keep the
same sockets alive for simulating the idle connections.

I can even run two instances of WPG server (listening to two different
ports) and clients (one for the active connections and another one for idle
connections). Any suggestions on how to achieve this using WPG would be
great. Thanks in advance!

*Sanjeevi Rangan*
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