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Hi Alex,

Thank you so much for the detailed explanation. Using --phases option in
reporter tool is very handy and useful. Thanks for the info :)


On Thu, Mar 3, 2016 at 3:51 AM, Alex Rousskov <
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> On 03/02/2016 12:27 PM, Sanjeevi Rangan wrote:
> > I have done few tests using WPG client and server with multiple phases
> > (10min + 60min + 10min) and generated WPG report by feeding both client
> > and server logs to the reporter tool . During initial 10 mins the number
> > of concurrent connections would increase from 0 to max, the next 60 mins
> > would maintain the max number of concurrent connections and the in the
> > last 10 mins, the concurrent connection would decrease from max to 0. In
> > some tests, the executive summary table on the index page would report
> > duration as '10 min' and in some other tests, the duration value is
> > '1.00 hour' (60 mins, which is expected).
> This instability might be attributed to the actual peak request rates of
> the two phases being very close. Polygraph is just guessing which phase
> is more important to you...
> > If the duration is '10 min' then the other metrics data on the table
> > like response time and throughput would have values related to the
> > transactions that happened during that 10mins.
> > I would like to know what determines the phase duration in the report.
> The reported duration is the total measured duration of the phase(s)
> selected for the executive summary and the baseline report. What you
> probably want to know is which phase(s) are selected for the executive
> summary and the baseline report :-).
> By default, Polygraph currently selects the first phase with the highest
> measured request rate. There is a 1% fuzz that is used when comparing
> request rates, but when measured peak request rates are close, it may
> not be enough to produce stable guesses.
> Consider avoiding this uncertainty by configuring which PGL Phase(s) are
> the primary ones. Here is an excerpt from the v4.0.6 change.log:
> > - Added a PGL Phase.primary boolean field. If any of the phases
> >   have that field set, those phases and only those phases should
> >   be used for the executive summary and the baseline report. The
> >   new field is logged when phase stats are logged.
> You can also specify the primary phases during report generation, using
> the --phases command line parameter for the reporter tool. Naturally,
> the reporter parameter overwrites PGL configuration so you can produce
> multiple reports with different executive summaries using the same set
> of logs.
> HTH,
> Alex.

*Sanjeevi Rangan*
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