RPTM object types

Charlie Younghusband charlieyounghusband at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 21:41:25 UTC 2016

Hi all,
I was interested in doing a test which focused on the response time per 
object.  Following a test, I run the reporter tool but on the rptm.html 
page, it doesn't report the min/mean/max response time (msec) per 
object.  It just says'n/a' with a footnote, and the footnote page just 
states that no measurement was collected or stored at run-time.  The 
sizes part is reported.  Does anyone know what I need to do in order to 
have this information collected and reported?

There is a note that "Some statistics may not be available because 
either no objects of the corresponding class were seen during the test 
or no facilities to collect the stats exist for the class." I'm hoping 
that the answer is that polygraph is just not capable of storing the 
metadata associated with this.

All of the other parts of the table are filled in, including the byte 
latency and server byte latency, times for hits and misses etc.

FYI the DUT prioritizes (at the TCP/IP QoS level) data flows based on 
MIME type, we have established that that can improve user experience.  
I'm using polygraph as a check to see what happens when we put the 
system under duress.


Here is a simplified config .pg:

#include "contents-httpqos.pg"

Phase phPlat = {
         name = "plateau";
         goal.duration = 2min;

Server S = {
         kind = "PolyServerA";
         contents      = [ cntImage: 33%, cntHTML: 33%, cntOther ];
         http_versions = [ "1.1" ]; // always use a 1.1 capable server
         addresses = ['' ]; // where to create these server 

Robot R = {
         kind = "PolyClientB";
         pop_model = { pop_distr = popUnif(); };
         req_rate = 1000/sec;
         origins = S.addresses;      // where the origin servers are
         addresses = ['' ]; // where these robot agents will be 


use(S, R);

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