RPTM object types

Charlie Younghusband charlieyounghusband at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 21:26:16 UTC 2016

I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that the test system I was using 
polygraph 4.3.2, I realize now. Running on a 4.9 works great.
Thanks for the tip on the 4.5 or this might have taken me longer to 
figure out!


On 2016-10-13 7:51 PM, Alex Rousskov wrote:
> On 10/13/2016 03:41 PM, Charlie Younghusband wrote:
>> I was interested in doing a test which focused on the response time per
>> object.
> By "per object", you mean "per content type", right? Response times for
> content types should be available since v4.5.0. I assume you are using
> something newer.
>> Following a test, I run the reporter tool but on the rptm.html
>> page, it doesn't report the min/mean/max response time (msec) per
>> object.  It just says 'n/a' with a footnote, and the footnote page just
>> states that no measurement was collected or stored at run-time.  The
>> sizes part is reported.  Does anyone know what I need to do in order to
>> have this information collected and reported?
> Perhaps Polygraph was not able to determine the content type of the
> response or could not match the content type back to PGL? Are you
> filtering any HTTP response headers out?
>> I'm hoping
>> that the answer is that polygraph is just not capable of storing the
>> metadata associated with this.
> I just checked a random v4.9.0 report, and I do see min/mean/max
> response time measurements in the Reply object table (the first table on
> the rptm.html (response times) page.
> If nobody has a better idea, I may have to ask you for console and
> binary logs to investigate.
> Alex.

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