SSLBUMP (Squid) stress test

Panagiotis Bariamis akismpa at
Sun Apr 29 19:09:07 UTC 2018

I am trying to measure performance for a proxy while using sslbump .
I have used the following sslwrap :
SslWrap sslWrap = {
    ssl_config_file = "openssl.conf";
    root_certificate = "keyall.pem";
    session_resumption = 70%;
    session_cache = 100;
While openssl.conf is the conf suggested by web polygraph site.

The root certificate keyall.pem is the private+public CA used for sslbump.
I have tried many combinations but i always get the error :
:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:tlsv1 alert unknown ca
How can I make web polygraph trust my CA for sslbump ?

Thank you,
Bariamis Panagiotis
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