questions about report and poly-server

Chengyu Fan at
Tue Nov 15 23:55:35 UTC 2011

When I try the test, I use in the workloads.And I use the log
files to generate the report.
But I find that some phrase don't have the all the data.
For example, I generate report just for phrase "meas", but in the hit
ratios, I can only find "offered DHR" in the graph, No "measured DHR".
Also, I have "first byte read" in "client byte latency histogram", but no
"last byte written".
Is this normal?

Another question is I find when the client finished all the phases, it will
quit automatically. But why Server is still running? Can I stop it using
some options?

If I missed something apparently, I apologize first.


Chengyu Fan
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